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[Recipe] Beat Cold & Flu Fast with Robyn’s Immune-Boosting Hot LemonAid

Popping pills for every ill may be "Big Pharma's" idea of heaven, but there are effective natural alternatives...and here's a good one - from Robyn (the Green Smoothie Girl). This fab old favorite is a hot drink which uses natural, plant-based ingredients that can crush infections - viral & bacterial. We've included the recipe and video on the…

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[Recipe] Immune System Booster Juice Protects Your Lungs & Fights Allergies

Whether its winter colds or spring allergies, here is an immunity booster juice to help in your fight for better health throughout the year.  Its simple and quick, with just 3 ingredients, all of which add their own benefits. In particular, this is aimed at helping protect your respiratory system. I came across this on the…

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