Author: Ruth Balfour

[Recipe] 6 Healthy & Refreshing Smoothies

I came across this excellent selection of 6 quick & easy smoothie recipes, all healthy & refreshing in different ways. Handy to have a series like this in one place don't you think! They are in no particular order, but all include number of servings and key nutritional information. So along with the flavor combos, you…

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[Recipe] The Banana Ginger Smoothie Stomach Fat Burner

Many of us consider bananas among our favorite fruit. It not just the flavor and convenience - they are packed full of essential nutrients... Bananas contain potassium, fiber, natural sugars and antioxidants which nourish & energize the body and help balance blood sugar level. Also, bananas promote regular elimination as well as improve digestion generally, by helping the…

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