Month: July 2016

[Recipe] Tastebud-Awakening Banana Nutella Coconut Smoothie

    Banana, chocolate and coconut is a combination made in heaven! This recipe has a little sweet spice thrown in which lifts it to new heights. Try it for yourself and see. Due to the Nutella and the coconut milk this dessert smoothie may be a little higher in calories than you’d like. If…

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[Recipe] The As-You-Like-It Cherry Cheesecake Smoothie

    Tastes, likes and dislikes vary so much. One person loves a smooth creamy smoothie; another loves a crunchy smoothie bowl. So in this post I’ve decided you can make this smoothie recipe “As You Like It!” No, I’m not going to quote Shakespeare, we’re just doing a simple but tasty smoothie, lol! Wondering…

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